Sciatica Homeopathic Treatments

By Peter Johnson

Sciatica is associated with the shooting pain from the buttocks and hips and runs down to the leg and feet.  Mostly, this condition is accompanied by back pain felt in the lower portion and is more defined compared to the leg pain.  “Sciatica” is indicative of the involvement of the sciatic nerve, the body’s biggest nerve.  It runs from the buttocks to the legs.  As this nerve gets irritated or disturbed by some pressure, maybe from a herniated disc, the person then feels that burning pain or sciatic pain. So essentially Sciatica is a by-product of the herniated disc condition.


Symptoms of sciatica are usually a sharp pain localized in the lower leg or posterior thigh area, further exacerbated by lower back pain.  Usually, patients experience pain from mild to moderate through to unbearable.  In the effort to alleviate this pain, sciatica homeopathy was then established as a viable alternative to traditional drug treatments and physical rehabilitation methods.


Sciatica homeopathy offers relief of back pain caused by overexertion or sciatica.  Homeopathy is generally safe.  Contrary to other medicines, sciatica homeopathy or any homeopathic medicines for that matter usually have no side effects.  Their capability to draw damages is zero.  This is primarily because homeopathic medicines function by arousing the body’s own healing power and defense mechanisms.  Since they do not create a chemical action, therefore, they have no potential to affect sustained damages.  Doses for sciatica homeopathy are given in physiological quantities, so the same can be administered to both adults and children.  It is certainly safe for anyone.


Sciatica homeopathy is said to be effective for both chronic and acute conditions.  In fact homeopathy is considered to be the only medical system that provides curative treatment, not the palliative kind.  In some acute and extremely serious illnesses, homeopathic remedies as long as correctly given yield successful results, even better than the other system of medicine.  Sciatica homeopathy is very well laid out to relieve any discomfort caused by sciatic pain.  To name a few, common homeopathic medicines for sciatica are Colocynth, Gnaphalium, Arsenicum, Rhus toxicodendron, Kali iodatum, Ammonium muriaticum, Pulsatilla, Aconite, Belladonna, and Nux vomica.  


Among those homeopathic medicines mentioned, the Colocynth the most essential since it corresponds positively to worst cases.  It embodies sciatica because of nerve changes with no inflammatory conditions.  It touched remedies such as Chamomilla, Gnaphalium, Arsenicum, and Gelsemium. 


It has been proven that Sciatica homeopathy can ease the excruciating symptoms of sciatica such as numbness, restlessness, perverted sensation, pricking and coldness in areas such as the toes.  Homeopathy deals with the patient’s total welfare and well-being.  It tackles a person’s entire body, not just on selected areas as an integral part of his or her existence, but as a whole.  In general, homeopathic treatments save your health, time and money since it is also considered to be far more economical than the other more traditional treatments for Sciatica and a herniated disc.


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