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Herniated Disc Treatments And Products

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Please find here the most effective online treatments and products we recommend for a herniated disc.

Lose The Back Pain

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lose the back pain

Description: No competition in terms of quality and depth of this amazing course. Unique exercises and approach to sciatica relief. Discover how you can rehabilitate your herniated disc today without the need for medication or surgery.

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Price: Varies


Dr. Bests Disc Pain HandbookRating: herniated-disc-symptom-graphic1

dr bests

Description: The creator of this handbook, Dr Best, is a bonafide doctor working in Texas. The handbook is unique in that it incorporates his knowledge of back pain sufferers, and offers alternate views on rehabilitaing back conditions such as a herniated disc. In some cases patients have received relief within 30 minutes of implementing the information contained in the handbook.

Price: $47

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Stop Sciatica Now

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Description: The author of this handbook Pamela Kihm has considerable experience in curing sufferers of sciatica, herniated discs and related back conditions. Her methods focus more on rehabilitation and strength exercises. The handbook shows how to free yourself of sciatica for good, annd maintain a healthy back.

Price:  $36

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The X-Pain Method

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Description: Graham Teague has created an interesting handbook in the X-Pain Method. This handbook focusses on physical exercises, specifically in terms of re-aligning the spine to ensure the herniated disc or related back problems do not return. Some patients have achieved success with as little as 5 minutes of the exercises per day. Incredible value for money, and fantastic bonuses

Price: $24

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Herniated Disc Cure

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Russell, Houston TX

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Fiona, New York, USA